Smooth lines and geometric symmetry, in which light meets shadow and natural contrast creates new micro-planes, this will be the framing o f your room if you use extrusion-type expanded polystyrene. Since 2020, extrusion-type expanded polystyrene (XPS) has become another working material we use. A new generation of decorative moldings and ceiling cornices has been named Decostar Polystyle. The technology of production of extrusion-type expanded polystyrene (by foaming the melt with carbon dioxide) allows maintaining the clarity of lines at high speeds. This material is a true friend in
work; due to its lightweight, the parts are convenient to install and transport.

Extruded Polystyrene

Hidden Illumination

Stretch Ceiling

Ready to Paint

About the Main

Nice and Easy

Parts made of extrusion-type expanded polystyrene are light and elastic, which is an indispensable property in work.

Be Bold to Paint

Extrusion-type expanded polystyrene loves paints; it can be c overed with interior water-soluble paints, plastered, and tinted.


Due to its elasticity, parts made of extrusion-type expanded polystyrene help to hide surface irregularities. Moreover, cracks do not form in the joints after installation.


Our extrusion-type expanded polystyrene has a high density (65-80 kg/m3).

Your Eco-Friend

Eco-friendly materials in your home speak of an informed choice and expanded polystyrene is extremely friendly.