When our gaze slides up or down the wall, reaching the line of its joint with the floor or c eiling, it involuntarily stops at the rounded outlines o f the
moldings, then freezes for a moment, after which it continues to slide along the wall surfac e. In 2020, a new stream called Durostyle was star ted in the history of the Valan Decor company. We started producing decorative moldings, ceiling, and floor skirting boards of a new generation and a high-quality and impact-resistant composite polymer became our working material.

Shockproof Composite

Hidden Illumination

Skirting Boards and Moldings with Cable Channel

Ready to Paint

About the Main


The impact-resistant composite is able to withstand pressure and shocks, does not scratch, does not break, and is strong and durable (the density is 360-420 kg/m3).

Be Bold to Paint

Impact-resistant composite has a number of advantages. Since this material is covered with environmentally friendly primer, it can be painted in any color you wish. Acrylic and water-dispersion paints are suitable for coloring.


Parts made of the impact-resistant composite are water-resistant and do not swell being exposed to moisture.


Products made of impact-resistant composite are installed without any difficulty. It does not require additional processing.

Clarity of Lines

Parts of any shapes and profiles proposed by the designer can be obtained from the impact-resistant composite by extrusion. Due to the high strength, the corners of the parts are sharp and clear.

Your Eco-Friend

From an environmental point of view, the impact-resistant composite can become your favorite, i.e. it is produced using energy that is 40% recoverable and 100% recyclable, it as well does not contain toxic substances.